Me neither.

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This is rather unlike me, musically, but I can’t help it.  Weekend before last I got hilariously mocked for mocking someone’s flashback soundtrack – I guess that’s what one gets for uttering sentences such as, you know?  I never really liked Bone.  So now I’m the girl that doesn’t like Bone.  Harhar.  Maybe you had to be there.  Anyway…this is on one of those mixed CDs from that loved one.  I didn’t like it at first, but like many things (except Bone), it’s grown on me.  Plus the kid driving is too goofy looking not to love, isn’t he?  Also, this is apparently some kind of video edit…I don’t think the lyrics I found match.  Oh well.  You get the idea.

Life is a dream
It’s a funny thing too sometimes
Yeah the road of life it’s full of surprises
Twist and turns we look toward the sky for some guidance
The sun goes down and it sure up rises
Withstood the sands of time
And we’ll find new horizons

[Jonny Richter]
Sometimes I lay awake at night and try to figure it out
Is my life going north or is it heading south
I’m walking a fence between wrong and right
Trying to keep a level head try to keep my goals in sight
It’s hard as hell in this world today
Friends I’ve known for many years started acting strange
Things I cared about before seemed to fade away
Now I’m left with these questions of when a miss will change

“When is the train gonna get back on track
When am I even gonna care bout that
Why am I the one always dealt the bad cards
Took the easy the road so long and now my lifes hard”

Still I try to make it work out for the best
And I know I’ve gotta clean up all this mess
If I knew when I started where this all would end
I think I’d prolly do it all over again

I don’t know where I’m going (I don’t know where I’m going)
But I know where I’ve been
I went from having a little to having a lot
I went from buying weed to growing pot (I said)

I don’t know where I’m going (I don’t know where I’m going)
But I know where I’ve been (No, no, no)
I’ve seen some people cry cause loved one’s die
I’ve looked in people’s eyes and told some lies (Yeah)

Skies are blue and the trees are green
Going to the place where life froze in between
The beautiful hills mountains and streams
The Mans country with my women living free
Stay on my path follow my road
Do all the right things to achieve my goals
Persuing my dream in life I lead
Become who I want when I want anytime I please
I know where I’m going (I know where I’m going)
If I keep it on track
Just stay on my line only time will tell
I pray to the one over-looking my trail


[Daddy X]
I’ve been criticized
For speaking my mind
Been baptized in lies
Given bad advice
Here’s a word to the wise
Never compromise
Watch your back
As you watch your ends multiply
Look a man in his eyes
And never ever say die
Keep your eye on the prize
And you’ll stay on the rise
I’m a king world wide
And I’m going to stay on the ground
I’ve been behind the glass but I always rebound
Outlet quick live life in the fast lane
Inbound Outbound my stride don’t change
Stay true to myself ’cause I created the game
I got the whole world jumpin like the house of pain (Jump)


4 thoughts on “Me neither.

  1. suntzusays says:

    Bone didn't age well I think out of the mid-late 90s rap scene (Common or Nas, and apparently Snoop for that matter). Despite the stealing of my book title as an album title. But they were at least out of Ohio. If that mattered to anyone.

  2. Yeah, I'll root for them, coming out of Cleveland…but I still don't really want to listen to them. You wrote a book?!

  3. suntzusays says:

    No. But their 3rd album was "The Art of War"….

  4. Oh…hahaha. Gotchya.

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