It’s very…

Cluttered?  Something.  Seems like too much.  Over-accessorized!  That’s it.  We’ll see.  It’s not exactly camouflaged, but it is…different.  Not sure if I can pull it off.  Have to try walking around in it for a bit, see if it blisters.


3 thoughts on “It’s very…

  1. Oooh, I like the background, but maybe your blog title should be a different color? Maybe it's because it's "linking…" but I can't read it! I LOVE the constellations, though.

  2. Hahaha. That's almost exactly what Bazarov said. I have undone the invite-only thing, so I kind of like that it's sorta incognito for the moment. I'll get over it…yes, that will eventually annoy me, too…the more I think about it. Hilarious.

  3. Wait – the blog title or the post title? Maybe I'm missing something that's more important than I thought! That is one thing that I need to explore…links within the posts themselves aren't underlined or whatnot…so you don't find them unless you scroll over? Silly.

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