Good Times

Springfield.  Ahh, memories.  We did drive by the old house.  It’s adorable.  Weirdly adorable.  Also stopped into the jewelry store where we bought our wedding bands.  Totally surreal.  Saddens me when the first question for small talk is “are you still working?”  Crazy…lucky?  Whatever.  I couldn’t tell if she meant, do you still have a job? or, are you at home with babies yet?  So I had no idea whether to be…insulted or…grateful?  Hah.  Anyway, the baubles are all cleaned and polished, and I hatched a plan to get a battery in a watch that’s been sitting for ages unworn.  Then we went to a sweet sixteen party for Mike’s friend’s daughter.  Also adorable.  Bonus adorable…seven-week-old baby!  So mellow.  Crashed on my belly, barely started at the SURPRISE!!!  Too sweet.  No wailing noises, all afternoon.  Amazing.

Sooo.  Now what?  I know.

[image hat tip to Bazarov]


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