Mkay…so…not too ess em are tee.

I should be working.  I have plenty to do.  But, um…whose bright idea was it to let the receptionist go, give her two weeks, and then immediately start scheduling interviews for people they could bring in to replace her?  Because…yeah, I’m sure she’s just THRILLED to see all the poor little old ladies and young graduates coming in, knowing they’re only more qualified because they’ll work for less.  You should hear her tone of voice when she pages their arrivals.  “Mr. President, you have a visitor in the lobby.”  Brilliant, I say.  Brilliant.  I need a fricking Guinness.  And to start writing a resume.  Not looking up the special character.  Blerg.


2 thoughts on “Mkay…so…not too ess em are tee.

  1. suntzusays says: assume you had some cognitive paths there. Sounds like fun at work.

  2. LOL. Exactly. Two was plenty! Of course, neither were Guinness, but…meh. Sounded good at the time!

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