Survival of the Utterly Unfit

Well that was a great big limit FAIL.  Ugh.  Yesterday was horrendous…and I either celebrated or commiserated way too enthusiastically last night.  Apparently I have no concept of my own limitations.  No wonder random people try to mother me…I sorta need it, I guess.  Gross.  My own mother would be ashamed of that sentence.  Mkay….managed to make own coffee, check.  Where…is…the cup I poured?  Mmmhmmm.  Kitchen is always a decent guess.  What can one wear to make a…hmmm….  There are no words for how much today is going to suck.  Bad day is just not going to cut it.  Let’s use a dog analogy.  Dexter always chases rabbits.  Of course – even if they’re on the other side of the fence.  I never said he was smart.  He’s a dog, and someday dagnabbit…he just might catch one.  But I doubt it.  You know how it’s easy it is to confuse a dog (or, my dog, anyway) by pretending to throw the ball?  They go running…it’s hilarious and all?  Well, this morning he RAN RIGHT PAST the rabbit.  While he was trying to chase it.  So…yeah.  What do you wear to an office like that?

– not undecided can’t help you tie your tie.


6 thoughts on “Survival of the Utterly Unfit

  1. Bazarov says:

    Couldn't have been too bad if you're up this early writing a blog.

  2. LOL. An empty house is a very weird alarm clock for me.

  3. suntzusays says:

    I'm not sure I follow the analogy. Is it yourself that is Dexter as a result of the morning and aftereffects of evening or is it the office that induces that state of being?

  4. Ha. Excellent questions. When I wrote it, I was thinking the entire office was Dexter…we get a bit ahead of ourselves sometimes. I guess I shouldn't elaborate further for the time being….Speaking of that which I'm not speaking of…fair warning, everyone…this place is going invite-only shortly….regular commenters of course invited. I don't mind a bit of innocent stalking (yes, oxymoron, grain of precious salt, etc.)…but something odd is going on…not the good kind of odd.

  5. suntzusays says:

    I have a stalker of sorts from Nebraska I think, but since my site is a little disconnected from my offline self, it's less of a worry. Besides, I think I could do with more traffic. I suppose if I had employers or co-workers reading over my shoulder I might be more concerned. This may also mean you can use less security on the commenting (nudge?)

  6. uhhh….yes, I think so. obviously still figuring this crap out. People should just know not to piss me off…but people never learn. Hah.

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