Quit it, Tuesday. I’m warning you.

It’s remarkable how quickly a bad pair of shoes can ruin a day.  That wasn’t one of the actual problems today, but still….blerg.  I’m so sick of starting the day angry because I have nothing to wear, working in a rage all day long, then…well, it’s also remarkable how cranky I get if I forget to just take off the effing bra when I get home.  Hah.  Hilariously petty, but true.  I find myself still in a snit at nine PM like WTF SELF?  THE BAD PART OF THE DAY IS OVER, SO GET OVER IT.  Oh…why am I still wearing pants that button and a bra?  Ahhhhhhh.  Better.
Bonus – I found the flipflops!  Thanks, babe…for organizing my closet while I was out of town.  Nothing like a scavenger hunt for your own shit.  It’s even better than shopping because it’s FREE.  Unlike the tire we’re going to have to replace.  Boo.  On the plus side (ha), I may be gaining ground on the whole weight gain thing.  At some point, Mike is going to have to stop baking cookies or I’ll be going way past where I want to get with that number on the scale, but…today is just not the day to quit cold turkey with the cookies.  Maybe tomorrow.  Right now, cookie crack is probably the least dangerous thing I can imagine indulging in to kill the pain.  I think I need some Mumfords, too.  And some Mad Men.  Mkay…le sigh…much better.  
Crap.  It’s LOST time…and I never watched the one from last week.  It’s bad when I’m failing at TV on top of everything else.  I should just go read my book.  I repeat, BLERG.  Okay, definition #4 just cracked me up.  So there’s that, at least.  I’ll take it.

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