The Idiot Kings

You know what’s hard to do without consistent internet and phone service?  My job.  Also not helping, this whole mess.  I needed to google force majeure today, right?  No problem…OH, but…er…shit…okay, whip out the cell phone, call Mike.  Request info via email.  Email takes 20 freaking minutes to come through…I have no patience for this shit.  Hey, IT guy!  Gimme your iPhone!  Bluh.  I’m constantly facetiously planning to do him violence…but I realize it’s not his fault that big corporations don’t give a shit about customer service.  I was one of the last three cars in the parking lot tonight, and the Time Warner dude was just pulling into the parking lot.  At least I was on my way out.  Incredibly annoying day.  Followed by incredibly annoying traffic jam on the way home that I would know damn well is going to be RIGHT THERE if I stopped to think about it.  But who has time for that?  Stopping and thinking?  No sir, not for me.  Grrrr.  
Oh well.  What else can one expect on a Monday after such a lovely weekend?  I do believe I was just recently bitching about cheap beer…and now the fridge is full of very non-cheap beers that I did not even purchase.  That just doesn’t seem right.  Good times.  Bonus leftovers?  I’m a lucky, lucky girl…for the most part.  In the beer, friends, and family categories anyway, I’m golden.  And brown.  And pale.  And a little green, too!  The refrigerator is positively brimming with lurve.  Me, too, for that matter.
We bought plane tickets today!  Woohoo!  Not going to Europe, so there’s even a fat chance that we’ll have on-time, non-cancelled flights and EVERYTHING.  Pahaha.  I’m excited despite myself and my still-semi-recent travel exhaustion.  Mike’s brother’s wife finishes her residency near the end of June in Albany, to be directly followed by moving to Baltimore (Johns Hopkins, you go girl!  Shit.  I still can’t pull that off), so we’re going upstate (I can’t really pull that off, either) for her graduation or whatever you call it, then helping them move via U-Haul or the like to Baltimore, then flying back home.  Not exactly my idea of a vacation overall, but Mike’s birthday falls just in line to party it up for one night in B-town (okay, I need to stop that), so…LET’S DO IT.  As much as I’ve come to loathe driving, and as much as Mike hates flying, it seems like an excellent compromise for a mini-sorta-vacation without having to pay for accommodations, at least.  I’m a sucker for new places, even if they’re not exactly your typical ideal getaway spots.  It will be mad fun!     
Found this in the above mentioned traffic jam.  I love how Doughty gives a little story about each song:

Very old song, actually–something I played acoustically in my apartment for years, changing the lyrics from time to time to suit whatever shitty predicament I was in. Occasionally I’d try and interest my band in it, but it failed to capture their imagination. The initial title was “Luv Gangsters.” “The Idiot Kings” was the prospective title for a novel about a band I used to want to write–that would’ve been the name of the band.

I don’t know, we were rehearsing before the last tour before we went in to make I.B. and suddenly everybody liked the song and there it was. And then, while we were on tour and playing it live nightly, fucking Alanis came out with that “everything is fine, fine, fine” song, I saw the video standing in the lobby of the Phoenix hotel in S.F. and starting saying No, no, dear Lord, no…That’s when we started devoting time in the set to explaining how Alanis and the C.I.A. were stealing ideas from my mind.

I hated the Luv Gangsters part, so I actually wrote the batting in the light/reptile-lidded eyes part while we were at the Power Station with David Kahne. Like, desperately, in two minutes, just blurted out this verse. Kinda dig it, actually.

Everything is going up.

Everything is going as planned, yeah.

Everything moves along.

Everything is fine, fine, fine.

Oh I could be

Condemned to Hell for every sin but littering.

I could

Slip on the East River and crash into Queens all


I’ve seen the

Cops and the robbers, and I know they dance the same.

I’ve seen a

Half a zillion girls and haven’t spoken to a single one of


Batting in the light,

My reptile-lidded eyes.

And all this strung end to end,

Is wider than the mind.

And this cool I’ve been playing I have been

Playing too long now my

Capacities are dwindling ’til they’re

Gone Gone Gone.

Baby can I change my mind?

I just want to change my mind.

– not undecided lathers, rinses, and repeats.
[format kinda stolen again from ms. mimi smartypants.  She will make you laugh if I didn’t.]

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