Fun with Search Terms!

Not sure when I became such an elitist, but do you know what I hate more than anything about paycheck-to-paycheck?  Cheap beer.  It’s yucky.  And yet…fuckit, it’s Monday Tuesday, I survived the first day two days of the week, so….cheers!  We haven’t done this in a while…[drumroll please]…the search terms of 2010.  So far.  Probably missed some good ones in late 2009, but let’s just move forward, mkay?

over the limit trutv akron ohio 2010 lux nightclub – I’m guessing you may have appeared on this illustrious program: Over the Limit. Given that you came back twelve times hoping I’d written something about it (a record, around here), that’s my only guess. There are so many things wrong with that as a concept for reality TV, I’m not even going to start…but congratulations on your 15 minutes.

“sand & birch” smile chair – I assume you mean this. Pretty cool, actually. In the velvet/cotton/silk version. The polyurethane kind of makes me think of a booster seat in Ronald McDonald-land.  Says the girl who’s ever purchased one actual piece of furniture worth sitting on [bitch].

‘million women rise 2010’  – Well done, well said.  I need add nothing more.

childfree infertility – I’m sorry.  No advice/assvice.  I hope you found the right community to commiserate 
and share some joy with – they are definitely out there.

dexedrine and breast feeding pump and dump – I’m going to say dump when in doubt – or that child may
 never sleep.  Don’t do that to yourself.  Ahh, Add.erall.

how not to be undecided – Hahahahaaaaa.  No help here, eh?  I also could use some help with my decision 
making skills.

hard cocks – well, I’m sure you found plenty of those, though I wouldn’t start with blogs if I were you. 
I hear there’s a lot of this thing called porn out there on teh interwebs.

I’ll just omit the eight thousand lyrics searches for this song:  Potions, Puscifer.  Good taste, the lot of you.

“satop” weekend intervention program – maybe get a lawyer and/or a DD?

Okay, I’m not much for censorship obviously, but I’m not typing or copy/pasting this one as is – it’s too 
squicky.  I’m sure you’ll get the gist.  [Redacted] fuck his [redacted] unleashed his spem in her mouth.  
So I go to google spem, thinking it must be SOMETHING I could poke fun at…nope, but one of the
 suggestions was omg spem.  Gold, right?  Maybe it’s something like:


but with OMG, SPEM!   Double sad face.

    There goes my numbered list.  Blogger, if you could ever just format things

  1. that need formatting in a way that makes any kind of sense whatsoever?  That’d be greeeaaaat

undecided about becoming parents – Yup. Mmmhmmm. Right, right. Yeah. Wellll….I’ve got nothing.

[my first name] [my last name] in dayton ohio – Well. Um, hello. Yikes. Let’s make a deal. Don’t give anyone my address, mkay?

Well. Yes. This was more of an exercise in annoyance than anything else. Very welcome, anytime.


    6 thoughts on “Fun with Search Terms!

    1. Grrrrrr. Bad Blogger. Very bad.

    2. suntzusays says:

      Mine are not quite so annoying. Or amusing. I have figured out from these that all posts should have a rap or a music lyric attached to them, preferably a reasonably obscure one, such that the post will go quickly to the top of the magical google engine from people looking up the song. Or should reference a popular book…or I should just reference "torture". But mostly the music lyrics.

    3. Well, you actually write about stuff people should read about, so…mileage variances, and all. I almost did go back and do some ones from late '09 too, but the effing editor was screwing with my formatting so badly I just had to give up. Looks like shit, but I'm past caring.The lyrics searches are amusing though…half the time you can tell what they mean or what they're looking for…but they're way off. Funny. Maybe not so much that way with rap lyrics? I dunno.

    4. suntzusays says:

      I'm pretty sure the Nas line I used that gets me the most hits of anything I was riffing off of to say something of my own and not merely plastering it on my wall to use his words to express something that needed to be said. Though from what I can tell of the blogosphere, there is apparently great mileage and value in that sort of thing. Still hard to see where some of these searches ended up at your site even. As you say, if you're looking for porn, you don't pop by a blog. Weirdos. I would not say I write about stuff people "should" read about, given that they do not generally want to read things considered too deeply by pointy-headed types like myself and that the lack of practice at such readings does tend to make the effort more challenging and results in some glazed eyeballs and probably a disengaged brain that resumes its quest for pornography. But perhaps it would be enough to be read while viewing spem-related porn.

    5. LOLOLOLOLLLL. Ja, I think more of these come from random coincidental appearances on my blog list over there –>. Most of them sound more like things I've read about than written about. Except for the hard cocks and the spem, of course. Silliness.

    6. Hah. And every time I actually look over there at it I remind myself to at least unsubscribe from one of my own blog's feeds. Talk about silliness.

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