Something tells me…

Saturday morning should be about more than reliving the week’s stress, but it is what it is, which is also another phrase I’m really sick of hearing at the office.  Nobody ever says it is what it is when whatever it is is a wonderful thing.  YEAH, ALL RIGHT BOB, WAY TO GO, RING THE BELL, HIGH FIVE!!  IT IS WHAT IT IS!  Nope, you don’t hear that much.  [There is no Bob.]

I try not to write much about work, but it is just too tragic slash hilarious lately. Yesterday included two of the most surreal phone calls I’ve ever gotten – and neither one was from this guy:

MOST HILARIOUS WORK PHONE CALL EVER.  Thanks, Dan!  Have free advertising to four people that would probably never buy your product anyhow.

I’ll refrain from going into any detail about the surreal ones.  Let’s just say this whole teamwork thing is kicking my ass, and I won’t complain any further.  About that anyway.  Moving on!  I’m also a bit irked that I haven’t gotten the magistrate’s orders (snail mail) yet.  If I go driving all around the effing county this weekend and end up getting released from the case on Monday?  I guess that’d be funny.  Kinda.  Maybe.  Also sounds like a good reason to procrastinate for a weekend.  I suppose if my next report’s due in approximately 350 days I might not need to jump on that right this second.  As much as I’ve found renewed loathing for the phone in the month plus, it sure is cheaper than gas.  I need to take a step back from the whole thing, do more observing than worrying.  It would help if the vilest character in the saga would quit calling me.  Not your lawyer, dude, not your lawyer.  Now that he doesn’t think I’m a complete idiot, he’s just got a lot of questions is all…that he needs to call me with, one at a time.  Even though I always tell him, I dunno, call whoever’s supposed to know that, ‘cuz it ain’t me.  It’s pretty creepy, I really wish I hadn’t given him my cell number.  Obviously, I could just change that, yes.  That’d be logical.  The fact that I love my phone number really might not be so important in the overall scheme of things…but I love my phone number.  Silly.  I must admit it’s amusing to watch a very manipulative person FAIL to manipulate a situation, but…well, there is no but in his case.  There may be all kinds of right and wrong, but this one’s pretty black and white to my knowledge.      

In any case, it’s chilly but colorful outside.  I should either go out and play or go hibernate and recharge.  Dinner with an old college friend I haven’t seen in ages tonight.  Hah.  Did I just call her old?  That’s unfair.  She’s pretty much known as my younger hot friend (gotta love male honesty).  Teehee.  I can’t wait!


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