Well.  That was slightly hilarious.  After the hearing for my CASA kids this morning (went fine, continued for a year, we’ll see if I’m released or not probably within the week), all the parties (too many people for such child-sized courtrooms!) were mingling, bickering, etc. in the lobby.  I didn’t actually think anyone was getting loud or disrespectful, but apparently the bailiff disagreed.  CLEAR THE PREMISES.  Alrighty then.  But nobody really moves.  So then the magistrate comes out…uh oh. CSB, GET IN YOUR CARS AND CLEAR THE PREMISES.  Uhhh….I’m not CSB.  Stay, go, hmmm….pivot confusedly.  CASA GET IN YOUR CAR AND GO.  Oh.  Okay then.  I guess I’m not going back to talk to the director.  So I just drove down the street and called my friend (also CASA) to fill her in on the drama, waited for all the parties to get their tongue lashing, and drove back.  Too funny.  They let me back in.  Chuckles all around.  I suppose shit like that happens all the time with these kinds of cases, but I was not exactly prepared for that.  People don’t know what’s going on, that much is clear.  But because I won’t have another report to write for quite a while, assuming I stay on this case given all the drama, I feel about eighty pounds lighter.  Hah.  I should probably go eat something.  And floss.  And go to the dentist.  Boo.  But it’s a gorgeous day outside and I’m not working.  Good, good stuff.  Green things are growing and the lilacs are close to blooming, and the windows are open…so the dust can blow all around.  It’s the most efficient spring cleaning method, you know.


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