Welcome Back

Ahh, it feels so good to be home.  Since I never took time to even say here that I was leaving, lemme recap for the record – though, what a sad, lacking record this has become.  We’ll just blow right past that.  Again.

First, a week in Germany for work.  And it was definitely work.  It’s hard to imagine having lived amid different circumstances in which I’d be employed in actual sweaty, physically exerting labor most days of my life.  I think I might snap.  Even though there definitely is something to be said for the feeling of satisfaction you get from working up a good sweat with a hard day’s work (yes, I hear the same can come from a good workout.  Exercise and I are not really tight.), it’s a little disconcerting where my mind can wander when I don’t really have to think much or at all about what I’m doing.  Terribly amusing at times, but people there probably think I’m crazy if they noticed me hunched over a floor drain wearing a hairnet and my ridiculous yellow polka-dotted rubber rain-boot-esque safety shoes that don’t do a damn thing to keep me from slipping all over the oil and water covered floor, scrubbing enormous lab vessels and various equipment in 80°C (that’s 176°F!  That will scald you.  A lot.) water with an enormous goofy slash guilty smile on my face.  What’s with this girl?  She’s enjoying that way too much.  Seriously.  Good thing I have to think about my day job.

Of course we managed to cram in some fun.  Since I didn’t fly out until Sunday this time, we did have Saturday to goof off.  We checked out the Everything’s-a-Euro Store.  Typical dollar store stuff, except that Germans are just not prudish Americans.  I love it, the sheer tackiness.  Right next to the toy aisle, a bunch of novelty stuff you wouldn’t see in an American dollar store:

Hot for Hours.  The way to the body is through the stomach.
An apron…for your manly midsection…dripping with…strippers?  Don’t cook without one.
There were also naked lady ice cube trays.  I admit to buying one.  
And these. Glow in the dark love dice. Love is a sensual game! One die has has kiss, touch, lick, suck, massage and tickle. The other has lips, neck, breasts, ears, nipple and a question mark. On the back of the package: Playful and erotic…bring more fun to bed. Drop the dice, because they determine where to go.  Adults only.  Most people’d come home with a beer stein. Not me. I don’t know why it’s funnier in German, but I just couldn’t walk away and leave them unpurchased.
Some things just don’t translate right.

Then we took the ferry into Seligenstadt.  It’s impossible to come near to accuracy in describing how old and beautiful it is.  I took almost 200 photos, most of which are on facebook already, but here are several of my faves:

Flood levels.  Highest (top of the doorway), 1342.
Herb garden inside the monastery
Apple tree gardens

Dogs must remain outside. Of the fancypants coffeeshop. That put my latte in a glass-glass without a handle, rather than a mug. Good thing my hands had already been scalded all week to insensitivity.

Eve and Adam

Phew. That’s enough for now. I’ll come back for the second leg of the trip later. If I blog it all at once I may never blog again. And we wouldn’t want that now, would we.


4 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. suntzusays says:

    Predictably, the best things for the economic growth and sales are sex related. Even for a dollar.

  2. A euro! And a half! For the dice, anyway.

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