Also good for fortune cookies

No thank you, Amazon.  I don’t think I need to coin a PayPhrase, I don’t come here that often.  However, please allow me to pause to laugh heartily at your suggestion:

Amy’s Complicated Passion


Sorry, still laughing. 

Ahhh.  Really, good one. 

UPDATE:  It gets so much better, even!  Other suggestions include, but are not limited to:  Conceivable Complicity.  Complicated Visibility!  Controversial Features.  Amy’s Best Impulse!  Amy’s Quick Heat.  Amy’s Lengthy Training!  VAST COIL?!  Okay, this may only be hilarious to me because I can somewhat see that the odd assortment of books and other merchandise in my cart and/or on my wish list actually sort of does suggest these terms, but Amy’s Delicate Property?  Amy’s Refined Position?  Amy’s Silvery Warmth?  You’re killing me here, killing me.  Widespread Attributes!  Amy’s Expensive Skills!  Maybe I am devolving even more than I realized, but I think trashy romance novel writers the world over ought to consider Amazon’s PayPhrase suggestion generator before they bother consulting a thesaurus. 


7 thoughts on “Also good for fortune cookies

  1. Any Imaginable Situation! Bemused Acquiescence! Amy's Possible Input! Penetrating Resistance! Too. fucking. funny.

  2. suntzusays says:

    Penetrating Resistance? Amy's Refined Position?I'm not sure what the payphrase is supposed to be. Amazon has long since been in the password kind of way for me, so long ago that I have no idea what this new function is. But these are sounding a lot more like safe words to some kinky sex than secret passwords to protect your credit information.

  3. suntzusays says:

    I just checked mine and the first set included things like ..'s Unusual Monologue, Often Suspiciously Vague, and Handsome Thorax alongside Luxurious Head. I have no idea what the common threads are used to generate any of the above.

  4. Laugh. Out. Loud. Those are great! I think it's just an auto-fill kind of function for billing/shipping info, but I'm finding it much more useful as a goldmine of random hilarious phrases. I will never pick one, just so I can see what comes up every time. Cracks me up. I figured mine were coming up kinky because I had this on a list, but perhaps Amazon's just naturally kinkier than I ever thought.

  5. suntzusays says:

    Head was a frequent one. I'm not sure where Thorax came from and there was no Abdomen subheadings. So I guess a hidden (from myself) insect fascination is out. I have ordered a lot of stuff through there by now between movies and books (mostly), but the second round was a bunch of references to reggae and calypso music. Which is really odd. Liking Bob doesn't usually mean you should like either. In other words, I'm not sure what their method is supposedly based on.

  6. Bazarov says:

    I'm confused. If I have an account, will it make suggestions too? What is it even for? Why has this been invented?

  7. It should. After I made my purchase it gave the option to create a "PayPhrase," which to my understanding is just a password that will auto-fill your billing and shipping info. Seems kinda pointless, but I suppose if you often speed-shop Amazon it'd shave a few clicks/seconds off a transaction. Might be able to get to the suggestions without buying anything in account settings or the like. Good stuff, I tell ya.

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