Hello, no update!  Still no Christmas spirit here, but the following will help.  Never really liked Christmas songs even as a kid, but these in particular would tickle us to no end, and so are my best effort at nostalgia.  Enjoy!

And the all-time favorite:


3 thoughts on “Bah

  1. suntzusays says:

    Now I know why you were so gung-ho over my complaints and grievances relating to bad Christmas music. They've had a running line for "most depressing Christmas songs" at a couple of the regulars I read, but nobody has gone out and spoken to the raw truth: that most holiday music sucks anyway.

  2. Indeed, you were spot-on with that. It does suck. These suck too, really; they just suck a lot less than most in my book. Dad, what's a tuque? What's back-bacon? Why's the beer in a tree? Good times.Yeah, I wouldn't even want to see those lists. Some of that shit will get stuck in your head without even hearing it!

  3. Bazarov says:

    Hippopotami kill more people a year than lions do. I think she should've asked for her front teeth instead.

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