Grace in Small Things

  1. Watching Mike’s parents, especially his mom, fawn all over Dexter.  Silly.
  2. The way his dad calls me Hon.  Or maybe it’s Hun, but still.
  3. Finally going to his aunt’s house for Thanksgiving.  Hard to believe we got out of that for what, seven years?  That’s ridiculous.
  4. Christmas Ale!  
  5. Goofy games with my parents and siblings and our significant others.  So, what’s yours like?  Hilarious.

6 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things

  1. As in a Chinese ethnic group? LOL. Not too likely, but not impossible, I guess.

  2. That was such a fun game!!! You guys are much better at it than my family. The perfect night.

  3. Really? It seemed like we were actually quite awful at it, but that's probably what made it so fun! Good times, indeed.

  4. suntzusays says:

    Whatever the spelling and annunciation of hun/hon, I always think of Han instead. I submit that this is amusing to me but probably problematic. In that I don't respond to bizarre terms of endearment and am instead busily imagining either Star Wars movies or detailed analysis of the Chinese economy. I assume that game it helps to have a warped mind with which other people are accustomed to, at least if your object was to win it rather than amuse everyone.

  5. Probably no more problematic than having a bizarre pet name or term of endearment to begin with. Probably so. I am not the most competitive game player, but this one in particular I think is more about amusement than victory. But I probably didn't win. Wasn't paying attention when the scoring was explained, even.

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