Music for Monday

Orphans – Beck – Modern Guilt

Modern Guilt “Orphans” from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Think I’m stranded but I don’t know where
I got this diamond I don’t know how to shine
In the sun where the dark winds wail
And these children leave their rulers behind
As we cross ten leagues from a rubicon
The matchsticks for my bones
If we can learn how to freeze ourselves alive
We can learn to leave these burdens to burn
Cast out these creatures of woe
Who shatter themselves
Fighting the fire with your bare hands
Now my journey takes me further south
I want to hear what the blind men sing
With their fossils and their gypsy bones
I’ll stand beside myself so I’m not alone
And how can I make new again what rusts every time it rains
And the rain it comes and floods our lungs
We’re just orphans in a tidal wave’s wake
If I wake up and see my maker coming
With all of his crimson and his iron desire
We’ll drag the streets with the baggage of longing to be loved or destroyed
From a void to a grain of sand in your hand

Starting to think my Beck kick’s got longevity.  Takes me a lot more repetition of the Modern Guilt tracks to get to the point where I need to stop listening to it for a while to enjoy it as much.  Or maybe I’m just not trying hard enough to wear it out.  In any case, am still enjoying thoroughly.  What are y’all listening to these days?


3 thoughts on “Music for Monday

  1. I've been kind of obsessed with Beyonce's Sasha Fierce album. Santogold, Lady Gaga. Taylor Swift is my hero. Er, heroine. I like your Beck feature. I could be wrong, but for some reason I feel like he's often skipped over?

  2. Bazarov says:

    Chopin, Listz, and Rakhmaninoff is all about I have going on, with the occasional metal thrown in, but it's mainly classical piano pieces.

  3. You are both all over the place. Nice contrasts. I keep saying I need to diversify, but I keep just listening to stuff I know I love over and over and over again. I hear the new Puscifer is good though only six tracks worth.

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