Pro Tip

When sending an email to a company to enquire whether that company is hiring for a given position, you probably want to avoid referring to the company as “you guys.”  Really.  I don’t think my response to this is overreaction to some kind of assumed verbal sexism (email appears to have been written by a woman).  Even if you knew knew from personal experience that every employee of this company has a penis (though if you did know that for a fact, you probably wouldn’t want to apply to that company for other reasons), I’d suggest avoiding that phrase and cranking up the professionalism just a smidgen.

My assvice for the day, take it or leave it.  You’re very welcome.


3 thoughts on “Pro Tip

  1. suntzusays says:

    I see you went British-y for your assvice. I've never gotten an interview off of an email or a phone call enquiry myself anyway. Pretty much every job has been from something like a handout/referral rather than walking/calling/emailing in and announcing I'd like to work for some place. Probably the better advice for such a person is for them to know more people and have one of them inform them when a company is hiring. The wandering interview seeker is a lonely wanderer with few prospects anyway. I speak from experience on that end, seeing as I know about 10 human beings. The networking effects are pretty weak. The lack of attention to professionalism or formality during that interview seeking stage is just icing on the "go away" frosting part of the cake. And it does make for good bloggage blurbs.

  2. Very welcome ;-).What's Britishish? Enquire? I consulted this:Enquire/InquireDecided it definitely didn't qualify as a formal investigation. Also, I use 'inquire/inquiry' a lot at work so I was glad to be able to use the other. That it sounds British? Bonus. Would also be fun to be able to reply, "Sorry, no positions open. My advice is to know more human beings. Good luck to you."

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