Grace in Small Things

  1. Actually staying awake through a whole movie!  The first time I sat down to watch it, even.
  2. Watching that movie makes me want to reread Crime and Punishment.  Again.
  3. The weather would be rather fitting for that.
  4. I don’t have to kill the spiders.
  5. Mike has some interesting and creative improvised methodologies for that.  

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things

  1. Do elaborate!1) Do you usually fall asleep during movies?2) How many times have you read Crime and Punishment?3) … ok, that one doesn't need any more explanation.4) … this one, either.5) I'd like to hear more about what these entail. Perhaps I can put them to my own use one day, on other, less harmful bugs that scare me more.

  2. suntzusays says:

    5) @Amelia Why would "less harmful" bugs be scarier? Since spiders have 8 legs instead of 6, and have poisonous or at least painful bites, I'd think they are quite good enough at being scarier. Though I prefer co-existance myself to let them catch and kill the other "scary" bugs. Is Mike conducting experiments to test the improvisation and effect or will these proposals require more funding and basic research to make it into the market of spider killer/disposal routines?

  3. 1 – yes, almost always. Except in the theater, but I rarely actually go anymore.2 – I'm thinking at least four times. Had to read it once in each high school and college, and I think I've picked it up at least twice since then just because. 5 – LOL @ both of you. A not-tiny one (I will ignore some of them, but ew!) crawled across the living room wall by the doorway to the kitchen/dining room, so he grabbed a paper plate (the napkin holder must have been empty..? I won't even guess at his thought process) off the counter, placed it concavely over the thing, then thumped it with a fist. Just seemed a little excessive to me. And odd. But that's him. Odd and excessive ;-).I would not say this was part of a larger experimental design. Or, I hope not, anyway.

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