Grace in Small Things

  1. Assorted miniature Hershey chocolate bars passed out by a coworker.  Mmmm, Special Dark.
  2. The godless corner of the office.  You should join us.  There’s chocolate.
  3. The trees are still on fire and it’s been quite warmish of late and the sun has been shining with shocking regularity.
  4. Returning to listening to the news on the morning commute after not doing so for a long time.  Tomorrow is Science Thursday!  I have an inexplicable yet violent affection for that theme music.  I think it might include a kazoo.
  5. She said it much better than I could.

7 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things

  1. Bazarov says:

    Special Dark eh? That's what's always left at the end of an assorted bag for me and I'm stuck eating those things for weeks. Blekh. Is Science Thursday the bit read by that retired teacher guy? If it's who I'm thinking, that guy definitely shouldn't work in radio. Oddly enough though, I've been around three people within the past month who I think missed their callings and should've gotten paid to talk: they had the coolest voices.

  2. Oh, yes. "Mildly Sweet" You just have to start with them, otherwise the milk chocolate will taste bitter after the dark. It's really like dark chocolate lite – about like a chocolate chip. But put the word Dark on the label and it's somehow no good all of a sudden! That's weak chocoholism. Yep, that's the guy. No, he definitely isn't the most compelling speaker, but I think that's half of why I am so amused by it. That and car-dancing to the goofy music. Unusual voices are fun. A girlfriend's boyfriend has the deepest, most gravelly voice I've ever heard. It surprises me every time. He's like a teddy bear channeling a grizzly bear. Cute.

  3. JayBee* says:

    mmmm my favorites are the mr goodbars.. i only like the mini ones tho.. full sized ones dont taste the same. lol but i do love me some special dark.. YUM.. great now i want chocolate

  4. suntzusays says:

    Chocolate is not a good incentive for me to join a godless convention in a secret corner office. The godless part is though.

  5. Not really a convention so much as just a happy accident that we all ended up in this one corner. Kind of funny…someone sneezes and the three of us look at each other like, Sorry, I don't know what to say.

  6. Bazarov says:

    Gazundheit! Or however you spell it. From what I can tell, I think it's just wishing good health.

  7. Gesundheit! Yes. I should have looked that up a long time ago. Somehow I'd assumed it was the same kind of demon expelling command as the other, but you're right, it's not! Yay.

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