It’s not teen spirit…

Me:  Why does it smell like blueberries in here?
Mike:  It doesn’t.

[phone call, dinner, distraction, escaping dog, etc.]

Me:  So, that must be a new air freshener thing, right?
Mike:  Yeah.
Me:  Well if it’s not blueberries, what is it supposed to be?
Mike:  I don’t know…it was pink.
Me:  Pink?
Mike:  Yes.
Me:  So….the house smells like…pink.  Awesome.

Is it terrible that I need to know what this smell is supposed to be?  If the box isn’t buried in the trash and I can read it, will I like it more or less?  What the fuck is pink and smells like blueberries?  Or like a blueberry air freshener (ew) would smell?  How can I not know what my own house smells like?  Damn you, Glade!  Or Febreze or Airwick or whatever the hell, and your vaguely fruity but non-distinguishable aromatic nonsense.   


9 thoughts on “It’s not teen spirit…

  1. Bazarov says:

    Remember the old toilet paper roll holders that had slits in them and a bunch of small, smelly balls in them, about the size of a typical ball bearing? I wonder why they don't make those anymore. It was such a sneaky place to put them, and every time you moved the roll it would rustle em about, spurring them into odor fighting action.

  2. suntzusays says:

    When you look up "smells like blueberries", the primary topic, when it is not blueberries, is not terribly surprising.

  3. Hahahaha. Way to tie it all together and say what I wasn't saying, guys.

  4. Oh, I guess the FIRST topic is different than the primary topic. I'd definitely say it smells more like ass than weed. Pink ass, that's what it smells like.

  5. Our house smells like crap.

  6. LOL. I really doubt that. But I know I'm not looking forward to wet dog season! I'm ready to rip out carpet. Too bad we still haven't finished painting. Or priming, even.

  7. suntzusays says:

    It can always smell like wet dog paint then.

  8. Hah. Yeah, that'll be cozy!

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