Once more, with feeeeeeeling!

  1. The trees turning colors are really quite gorgeous, perhaps especially so against a grey sky.  Now if only I could convince myself to bundle up and walk around to take some pictures.  Let’s none of us hold our breath.
  2. Today sucketh much less so than yesterday.  Let us never speak of yesterday again.
  3. French fries.  Shut up.
  4. An active imagination
  5. Eat Me Daily.  Yes, there’s good content there too, but come on.  That’s gold.

4 thoughts on “Once more, with feeeeeeeling!

  1. suntzusays says:

    The Larry David clip was genius. Silverman was funny. I was also captivated by the Chipotlaway ads last week. "Why would you keep eating something that makes you crap blood?" I guess I can see what the rest of the country complains about with Mexican food through that light.

  2. The Sell the Vatican thing? Yeah, that was good. As was the caviar thing. I probably would not have gone back and read the allusion otherwise. I have no idea what your second paragraph is about. This will be a good google.

  3. suntzusays says:

    South Park last week I guess. I caught part of it before Daily Show.

  4. Ja, thanks. I found it on EMD too. Didn't actually watch the clip yet though. Ah, South Park.

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