Grace in Small Things

  1. I did not suffer any paper cuts today.  Yes, today that would count as suffering.
  2. Lunch was not as completely disgusting as it could have been.
  3. I’m not wearing silk or suede (it’s raining something fierce).
  4. I cannot possibly remain this irritated at the world at large for very long.
  5. Beck tried to cheer me up today.  I mean, he failed, but I’m pretty sure that’s more my fault than his.  Just in case you’ve forgotten, how fucking awesome was this song at the time?  Just as awesome as it is now.
“…can’t write if you can’t relate…”

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things

  1. suntzusays says:

    Maybe you just need less misanthropic friends messaging you.

  2. No, in fact quite the opposite. Who wants to be a misanthrope all alone? LOL.

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