Leftovers: Monday’s Music

I’ve been on another mini Beck kick, especially the mellow and melancholy tracks.  Yesterday he said malaise and I said oh, yes, I feel you Beck, I know that, let’s blog about that.  But then there were episodes of Project Runway waiting for me in the mailbox and so I dutifully practiced my religion of distraction.  I mean, Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, and a cadre of drag queens?  How could I look away from Ms. Hedda Lettuce?  Too bad Mike wasn’t there for commentary, but I think I could totally watch that one again.  Twist my arm.  Plus then I saw that Bazarov beat me to it.  But it’s still grey today, still trying to kick down the walls rather than let them fall on me, as they do this time of year.  Not sure that I’ve made much progress on the thematic front, but I do have a nice all-encompassing Plan B in mind, so that’s something, along with the fact that UPrinting has some pretty cute design templates.  If I really had to start from scratch I’d just flounder until the offer expired.  

Some days we get a thrill in our brains

Some days it turns into malaise 

You see your face in the veneer

Reflected on the surface of fear

Because you know that we’re never better than that

But some days we’re worse than you can imagine

And how am I supposed to live with that

With all these train wrecks coming at random

Hey what are you gonna do 

When these walls are falling down

Falling down on you

You got warheads stacked in the kitchen

You treat distraction like it’s a religion

With a rattlesnake step in your rhythm

We do the best with the souls we’ve been given

Because you know we’re nothing special to them

We’re going some place they’ve already been

Trying to make sense of what they call wisdom

And this riff raff ain’t laughing with them

Hey what are you gonna do 

When these walls are falling down 

Falling down on you 

You’re wearing all of the years on your face

Turn a tombstone, you roll into place

And your heart only beats in a murmur

But your words ring out just like murder 


3 thoughts on “Leftovers: Monday’s Music

  1. Indeed. I'm sure to have worn it out within a week.

  2. Bazarov says:

    I'm like that with Faith No More. I'll go six months or a year without listening to any of it, then I'll latch on to one album, then another, and then another (I only really care for three and a half of their albums–but those three and a half are quite exquisite). The albums vary so much from each other too that I could probably just rotate through them endlessly until I die.

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