Musica Monday

This is a good driving tune.  That’s what my dad would say when a song he liked would come on the radio while driving.  I think it rarely had anything to do with the song itself, more an excuse to turn up the volume even though he’d vetoed that on my last song choice, but I think it fits this one.  Plus, the part at the beginning wherein the British dude doesn’t know how to pronounce Odelay cracks me up.


2 thoughts on “Musica Monday

  1. Bazarov says:

    Left-handed drummers make my brain hurt. And why does he have two bass drums when the rest of his kit is so small? Why not invest in the double pedal instead? I was never a huge fan so I can't tell, but is that Beck?

  2. I can answer exactly one of your questions: yes, that is Beck.

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