Tonight I feel like…more.

  1. Having all but forgotten that a check was supposed to be in the mail, then finding it in the mailbox.
  2. Insanely heartwarming advice slash lecture given by a large, black, stern yet kind magistrate to a skinny, terrified, pregnant for the second time teenage white girl.  You know when she makes the bailiff leave the room so we can have “girl talk” that it’s going to be good.   
  3. My half lazy half apathetic habit of never paying attention to music as it comes out, so I can all the time be going back and discovering stuff that it seems I must have willfully ignored to not have noticed at the time.
  4. The additional fun things that happen to these songs on youtube.  String quartet cover of Rx Queen:  
  5. It’s not that I care, truly.  RAWR.  

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