Scenic View

Several days ago Mike mentioned the field of sunflowers he drives past on his way to and home from work nearly every day and I’m of course all HOW are you just now mentioning this? Since we were invited to a get-together by one of Mike’s buddies that lives quite a ways away on a farm with his wife and kids and menagerie and to get there yesterday we had to drive close enough to this field, I of course insisted. Even knowing they’d mostly be well past their prime, it was a dreary, not too bright day, so I figured it might still be kind of cool in a sad, creepy way. I’ll definitely be going back next year when the flowers are more in bloom, but I think I was kinda right.


4 thoughts on “Scenic View

  1. Pretty sure you have to take me here. 🙂

  2. Bazarov says:

    One of the opening chapters of Dawkins' new book talks about Sunflowers. I learned more about them in the matter of a page than I had known beforehand.

  3. Nice; please put it on my list ;-).I was hoping for a Van Gogh-ish vibe, but the way they're all collapsing on themselves seemed much more Dali.

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