Grace in Small Things, Paired

  1. Seeing two little boys practicing chest-bumps while they waited for the school bus this morning. Maybe they’ll get it out of their systems and never do it past the age of twelve.
  2. Two squirrels chasing each other back and forth across the street, probably fighting over nuts to store or hiding spots in which to store them.
  3. Two sunflower plants have multiple blooms on them now. I’m glad to be wrong that I didn’t think they’d have enough time to flower!
  4. Two days left in the work week.
  5. Two pink lines. Not for me, but it’s always nice to hear that good things do happen to good people, at least occasionally.

6 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things, Paired

  1. Bazarov says:

    Female squirrel(s) was probably the reason for the chasing, I'm guessing. Territory, but that's just a round about way of fighting for women. I never knew squirrels made noise until a few years ago. They sound funny when they get pissed.

  2. Ah, probably so. I would have guessed more of that behavior in the spring, but the jockeying for sex never ends, I'm sure.

  3. Bazarov says:

    I guess replication of genes would've been more accurate.

  4. More accurate than women? LOL. So squirrels don't enjoy sex? Sad. Oh yeah, and I meant to ask what you did to piss the particular squirrel off. I mean, how'd you know he was pissed? My grandma used to give the squirrels stale crackers with peanut butter. This pissed Grandpa off to no end. That was funny.

  5. Bazarov says:

    gene replication vs sex. Not women.I'm guessing squirrels enjoy sex, which is why they do it, just like people. Squirrels don't know about genes or natural selection, and neither did humans until relatively recently. Some, in fact, still don't. Instead, genes that created bodies which were set up to enjoy and seek out sex increased in frequency in the gene pools throughout time, including the mammals (ourselves as well as our squirrel cousins). This is why I'm supposing they enjoy sex, because it's why we do it: enjoyment. If it were simply for gene replication, no one would ever use birth control. It's just that genes never had to worry about birth control up to a geological eye-blink ago. They provided us with brains too big, and the game has changed significantly, though I reckon it still applies to the squirrels. I didn't piss it off. A cat chased it up a tree and it made the funniest noise. If people sounded like that when they got pissed violence would atleast have a bit of humor to go along with it.I don't know squirrels get pissed, or enjoy sex, but I assume they do based on their behavior, much in the same way I assume the upright, bipedal slabs of flesh surrounding me experience similar mental phenomena as myself. Some forms of autism seem to extinguish that assumption. Can squirrels be autistic?

  6. I have no idea. Autism seems to be a catch all for many different types of dysfunction or lower-than-optimal functioning in several different areas, so there may be some parallel. I can imagine a poor squirrel with sensory integration issues, driven mad by the chattering of his own species and constantly cursing the singing birds. Like me in the morning.

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