Sehr gut, sehr schlecht; GiST

Today was outstanding, all up until we got back to the hotel and I logged back into my work email. Nothing disastrous, but my whole mental list of all the wonderful things I was going to write about is now half obliterated in a cloud of general useless stress and I kind of want to cry about it. I know it’s impossible to work a nine and a half hour day in the lab and then catch up on eight hours worth of stuff I would have gotten done if I were in the office, but I’m so not used to this. I know I’m lucky to be here – I’m not complaining. Wait, yes I am. Okay, let’s move in the other direction….

  • Pellegrino
  • Croissants
  • Creme fraiche (yeah, that really needs the special characters but I don’t have the mental capacity right now to go after them.)
  • Eye candy in the form of several young pretty German men grilling sausages (sausage party! ha.) in the hotel courtyard after work.
  • Making friends with the hotelier’s puppy.
  • Framboise
  • Stinky French cigarettes. Yes, all cigarettes are stinky, but the French make ’em stink oh so good.
  • Wiener schnitzel
  • Cappuccino

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