Things I have learned in Germany so far

  1. The hairy-armpitted woman stereotype appears to be completely accurate, according to my completely invalid sample size (one woman – but she coulda shared).
  2. Nowhere in the US could you buy a ham sandwich at a gas station this good. I almost lost it when I saw what appeared to be pickles on it (I know, the horror), but they are not pickles. Thick slices of English cucumber. Also, slices of hard boiled egg. Sounds very, very weird, but I’m digging it. Can’t put my finger on what they’ve used to spice up the mayo, but DAMN, that is good. A schmear of Dijon or spicy mustard and it would be perfect.
  3. Coca-Cola classic doesn’t taste much different to me here, but Cherry Coke is way different. More cherry, less sweet. Yum.
  4. Cream (as for coffee) is not supposed to be white. Cream is supposed to be cream colored. Who knew?
  5. Apparently Hungarian is not only a nationality, but it is also a flavor of potato chip (ungarisch). Tastes like barbecue. I still don’t like barbecue potato chips.
To be continued….

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