Isn’t that just like me?

I forgot batteries for my camera. The giant old thing goes through regular AAs like…I don’t know…like I go through airport beer on a flight delay. So be it, though. This place is amazing so far; the little village looks totally quaint from the streets, but then go back a row and most hotels (really more B&Bs) have a second building of very modern rooms. Low to ground platform bed, one whole wall is glass – floor to ceiling windows and doors out to a patio, private courtyard, lovely restaurant. Swanky bathroom, fancy showerhead. Get this – the key to my room…it’s a KEY. So flipping charming it nearly hurts. When we stepped out of the rental car (Mercedes Benz!) at the hotel, looked down the lane, there was a group of people riding on horseback through the field perhaps a mile or two down. As we sat down to breakfast, a dude and his BURRO walked by. I thought I might be hallucinating, but no. I have some pictures, a few from the camera and a few on my phone, but as expensive as it is to use the phone here, I will likely be home before you see much.

Time to see if my travel buddy is still napping or not. I have a feeling I’m going to be awake all night and miserable trying to work tomorrow, but I honestly can’t say I’m too concerned. I can only think of a few other places I’d enjoy such bleariness so very much! More later….Guten Tag!

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