A few splashes of color for another grey day

Not as macabre as the ones in the field down the road (and down the page).  In my own backyard, even.  Kind of glad I planted them late, now.

First splash of red in the neighborhood.  That I’ve noticed so far, anyway.
                         Probably the last daisy for the year.  Sob.
Classic yellow sunflower, though it looks more like a daisy, really.

Red sunflower

I still hate this transition into fall, so I’m making a conscious effort to find cheerful things wherever I can.  Nothing’s more cheerful to me than a sunflower.  Flowers in general, good.

Two More Random Things

I want:

I browsed around after finding the previous video and came across a great link to a more “family-friendly” adaptation video (in comparison to Underworld, apparently) of another Puscifer tune.  It’s definitely less grim, though that probably owes to the subject matter of the song.  Sounds like Maynard as a piano lounge singer.

Two Things

I just had to share, because this cracks me up to no end:

So anyway, I’m sitting in bed in my red underwear and I’m feeling and looking quite bloated. I don’t have a shirt on or anything else for that matter. I just got done scarfing down about a pound of Brisket and some Chicken Wings. Lately I’ve noticed that my teeth haven’t been as white as they used to be, so tonight I decided to try Crest Whitestrips. I can’t talk without drooling on myself. I haven’t shaved my shoulders or trimmed my chest hair in a while, so my torso is starting to resemble a Cardigan Sweater. I’m wearing my glasses. My angelic wife just removed a piece of glass from the bottom of my right foot with a pin. I whined like a little bitch the entire time. Earlier in the day, my almost three year old daughter, asked me to fart on her head, so I did…

And in the very same post, Mr. Out-Numbered also give us a link to perhaps the best moments ever of daytime television.  You’re welcome.

Grace in Small Things

  1. A Sunday with nothing important to do – all sweats, all the time.
  2. Waking up hearing the stiff fall wind blowing the last of the summery weather along to somewhere else.
  3. Keeping the windows open as long as possible until the real cold comes.
  4. The way the skin on peppers blisters and blackens when you roast them on the grill, and how gross they look when you peel the char off.  
  5. The latest search term to bring someone to this blog:  “cake is a powerful food; cake can bring people together.”  Indeed.

Scenic View

Several days ago Mike mentioned the field of sunflowers he drives past on his way to and home from work nearly every day and I’m of course all HOW are you just now mentioning this? Since we were invited to a get-together by one of Mike’s buddies that lives quite a ways away on a farm with his wife and kids and menagerie and to get there yesterday we had to drive close enough to this field, I of course insisted. Even knowing they’d mostly be well past their prime, it was a dreary, not too bright day, so I figured it might still be kind of cool in a sad, creepy way. I’ll definitely be going back next year when the flowers are more in bloom, but I think I was kinda right.

Grace in Small Things

  1. Seeing friends who named their three small children Anna, Amelia, and Abraham. That means siblings nicknamed Anna Banana, Amelia Bedelia, and Abie the Baby (six weeks! teeny tiny baby toes!). Come on. It doesn’t get any cuter than that.
  2. It’s not TOO cute because at least both parents’ names don’t start with As.
  3. Said friends live on a farm. Where the girls get to run around hauling wagon loads of gourds and other goodies that they grew, and feed the lambs, and paint their homegrown Halloween pumpkins.
  4. Their farm is also home to a miniature horse. A MINIATURE HORSE. I think they invited us to their house to try and kill me with cute.
  5. Farm boys. The things they wear. They things they say. When some turn out to think like citified liberals.