Happy Hangover

I got my itinerary for Germany yesterday. There was talk of a night or two in London on our way but that got nixed. Boo. Still, the flight numbers alone are enough to prompt a page’s worth of exclamation points – but I won’t do that to you. I’m a little bummed that the dates mean I’ll miss my CASA kid’s final disposition hearing, though I’m incredibly grateful to the director of the program for being willing to sit in on it for me. Also bummed that I’ll probably be released from the case once this hearing is over. I’d hoped to stay with the kid until completion of a treatment program, but the fact that treatment is being provided must be enough. Just going to be odd to have that name that I’ll always google, and I admit I’ll be devastated if I ever find the name in a news story. Unless of course it’s a local-person-does-good kind of thing, which I honestly think is equally as likely. Weird to be so proud of a person you don’t really know-know, other than the horrible things they’ve lived.

So yeah, that means I have to write the report. Spending a Saturday reviewing and summarizing the documents and notes chronicling a child’s life gone wrong – though hopefully redeemed, or at least on the way to redemption, as much as you could get in such a case – not the most cheerful thing I could think to do with my day. I think first I’ll go stare at the airline and rental car reservations. The countdown is on!

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