Having less soreness each day, which seems right. As long as things aren’t getting worse, I’m satisfied. Though I am still finding new bruises here and there. Right hip must have gotten rather up close and personal with the seat belt buckle, and the one on my knee is spreading in a lovely purplish fashion. Hadn’t noticed that one on my hip until just now! If only bruises were the new tattoos. But my foot’s not swelling or hurting any more than the previous days, so I’m still feeling extremely lucky to have escaped with no more serious injuries.

On the non-bodily aftermath front, not quite as rosy. Spoke to the cop again yesterday. He tracked down the driver of the truck, who of course said that he had two to three car lengths behind/between his trailer and my car. Uh, no, dude, no. To make that matter worse, the taxi driver that called in the tag number of the trailer said the same thing to the cop! Okay, so riddle me this, Taxi Driver: if the driver of the truck/trailer did nothing wrong, why call in the plate number? So this makes me, what? Suicidal? An extremely twitchy and overreacting driver? Just an idiot? Also, if you were behind him, as you must have been to get the tag number, how could you really tell how much distance was between our vehicles? Sigh. So right now the cop can’t actually fault anyone as it’s he-said-she-said. The guy that stopped and waited for the cop with me isn’t returning the cop’s phone calls yet, and he’s my last chance to even up my side of the story. Not looking too good. Frankly, I don’t even care anymore. It will suck the ultimate suck for our auto insurance rates to go up if they no-fault it, but I must allow myself to be satisfied walking away alive, mostly unscathed, and able to be made whole. Whether they fix my car or total it, meh. Obviously I wouldn’t mind getting a new car, but on the other hand it would be nice to not have to deal with that whole researching and deciding thing, too.
That’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully this situation doesn’t devolve from totally manageable to utter disaster in the next few days. Would be awfully nice to forget about it for a while.

3 thoughts on “Updateish

  1. Are you a Cosmologist? A Scientist? theusisstupid.blogspot.com I would love to hear from intelligent life!

  2. suntzusays says:

    I love spam ^. It's all so cheap and tasteless. I'd be interested to hear what the police think the explanation for a sudden panic movement would be that risks the safety of the driver in the absence of any stimulus. Or how a driver of a truck knows there was sufficient space between themselves and another driver that then proceeded into an accident for which they did not stop (and effectively fled the scene or, conversely, did not actually witness in any detail because they were not paying attention). They can't really get involved in that guess work since it's probably considered an "on-going" investigation. Even though they almost certainly stopped investigating by now. Legally speaking you need a witness to break the tie. Theoretically speaking you just need people not to be idiots.

  3. I love how your love of spam sounds also applicable to the canned "meat."Exactly. Hopefully the insurance company will be doing its own investigation, because it does seem unlikely that the police one is going to turn out in my favor at this point. I don't think there is another witness to break the tie. So yeah, that sucks. We'll see, I guess. Should hear from the body shop today.

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