Roundtable: Town Halls, Vick, Clinton

Caught the Roundtable on This Week this morning, though I did miss George Stephanopolous. Jake Tapper’s kind of a tool. Anyhow, I can’t find a clip of their HRC discussion alone, so if you don’t want to hear them state the obvious on the death panel idiocy, skip ahead to about the halfway mark – 7:40.

Roundtable: Town Halls, Vick, Clinton

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First of all, way to start us off and phrase the question, Jake. The Other Clinton? Classy. Eruption? Really? And you have no idea why she’d be so offended to be asked what her husband thinks of an issue that is on her plate? Context, people, context. Thank you Ms. Brazile.
Just for fun and nonsense, let’s flip it around here. Say Bill WAS secretary of state, and Hillary was a former president. I know, just go with me. Same question posed to bill, “what’s your wife think?” Would the same response not be seen as totally appropriate? It makes sense. It is the correct answer. Who cares if she was hot or tired or cranky? She’s RIGHT.
“A breakdown of discipline,” my ass.

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