Crap in Crap Things

It rained really hard today. I love thunderstorms, but NOTE TO SELF. Just roll up the damn windows. Yes, it will be unbearably grossly disgustingly hot when you get back in later, but at least it will not be SQUISHY. Luckily I had to do a Panera run after getting to work the first time. I originally had my sunroof open too but for some reason closed it and the rear driver’s side window when I re-parked. Like that makes any sense. So the mp3 player neither electrocuted me or made me cry by failing to power up. Yet. Also, the pants I wore today were not the dreaded DRY CLEAN ONLY.

Yep, that’s what’s passing for grace around here today. Just be glad I don’t start a new category called Things That Suck. I could, oh, I could. But I won’t. Yet.


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