Did I say exquisite?

One of the most frequent sentences I utter around the house is “Hold on; I can’t hear you!” I like to blame the layout of the house, but more than likely my hearing is just plain bad. Mike says my headstone should read, Here lies Amy. She can’t hear you. He thinks he’s funny. I thought about bringing some earplugs to the show, but…eff it. You only live once. I may have to get hearing aids in a few years, but I heard some super good stuff last night, so…even trade, I suppose.

I called to check on Dexter at my parents’ house this morning when we woke up (who was good, thankfully), and my dad asked the perfect question: So, was it…exquisite? Yea, and verily.

Apparently that was posted online before the show actually happened, but it looks right to me. The first few songs, at least. After that I was totally not keeping track of anything other than Maynard. He is such a character. He has this mohawk thing going that I assume had to be fake, given his total baldness in those rather recent wine review videos on youtube with the most obnoxious wine rater dude ever (Give it a sniffy sniff!). I haven’t found any good photos online yet, and I certainly didn’t get any (no photos, put it out! gah.), but he was wearing what looked from our vantage point like this belt buckle, jeans, a green t-shirt, a big silver forearm band armor looking thing, sunglasses, and I didn’t notice this myself, but a leather and metal pouch thing that we’re guessing is a grape harvesting bucket he probably uses when harvesting at Merkin Vineyards (how great is that name by the way?) for the Caduceus wines. He had a bottle of water in it. Very nice. I think he’s doing a wine tour soon; will certainly have to look into that, though I’m guessing the experience will be pricey.

Anyhow, our vantage point. We started off toward the very back of the pit, which was fine – I’m not trying to get stomped or carried away. Managed to choose the correct side, standing so Maynard was basically pointed right at us, his mike set up to the right of the drums (if you’re the drummer) and facing the crowd at an angle. Sweet. We snuck out for a bathroom break once, knowing that we’d never get back quite to where we were at first, but then ended up only a few people back from the front of the pit on the same side. Still on the outskirts, but still at the right angle. Not bad. They had some shirtless guest musicians from somewhere in Tennessee for one number; that was pretty cool. And I could not get over the fact that the roadies were wearing white labcoats. Genius. All in all, completely exquisite. I might be already forgetting something of note; will have to check my twitter stream to see what I made note of in the moment. So glad we did it though.


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