Grace in Small Things

  1. Clearing several procrastinated tasks from my desk.
  2. Getting $25 in cash I forgot I was owed from my NJ/NYC trip back in May.
  3. Considering what to have for lunch with that cash in my pocket.
  4. A fabulous dinner with Mike and my parents last night.
  5. The Tool show is now less than two weeks away!

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things

  1. Kara says:

    Omgzorz, you're going to see Tool?!!? If you haven't been before, make sure and bring an extra pair of panties. Your first will be ruined.

  2. Yeah, baby! Will do…or maybe I'll just go commando after that. I think the husband will be okay with that. Haha! Nice tip…

  3. that's why i'm going to chicago to see TOOL. FUCKING TOOL!!!!!! they weren't coming down here so i'm going up there to see them. Wish you could meet my friends and there……

  4. Woohoo! Yeah, I way overpaid for our tickets, but they're down in the orchestra pit, so I don't even care. I think it will be totally worth it! yeah, next summer we'll have to coordinate (and pray they tour!).

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