Vielen Dank!

I’m going to Germany. If you knew how much restraint it takes to not use an exclamation point at the end of that sentence, you’d be very proud of me.

I don’t have a ticket yet, and I suppose nothing’s guaranteed until I land, but needless to say I’m so flipping excited it’s embarrassing. I kept saying that I need to dig out my textbooks and dictionary from college, but now I’m actually wondering where they hell they’re packed away. I only took two or three quarters’ classes, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to dredge up enough to not completely humiliate myself in every single verbal exchange though I expect to do so anyhow. Sadly, I’m not even hitting them all consistently here every time yet. Theoretically I could be leaving in about six weeks, so I have a little time to try playing catch up. It should also be amusing to see what else is unearthed while I search for the Lehrbücher. You’ll see that I’ve not used the German article, because I think that’s about when I gave up on it in school. Nine ways to say THE? Awesome.


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