Grace in Yummy Things

  1. The scallops in my Happy Family were by some miracle both rather large and not overcooked as Chinese food scallops generally are.
  2. Mike made milkshakes last night and it’s true. There’s no better combination than peanut butter and chocolate. So if that’s your flavor, watch out, because I will DRINK. YOUR. MILKSHAKE.
  3. I ate more bacon than should be legal this weekend.
  4. There are some huge bell peppers and tomatoes beginning to ripen on the vines in the backyard. Some of the cherry tomatoes have already ripened. I used to not like the cherry ones as much, but I think something about growing your own makes them taste just right. Heh. Grow your own.
  5. Mike was leaving to go swimming so I took the opportunity to saute red onion along with the bacon bits and cherry tomatoes for my hybrid of omelet and fritrata.



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