Mike: I need a haircut.

Me: ME, TOO.

Mike: Maybe we can go down there together later.

Me: [rolls eyes] How cute! You know, you should let yours grow out a bit, do the abstract thing like it was when we met. All randomly spiky and ironic-like.

Mike: What? Back then my brother just buzzed it for me.

Me: No way, you had a hairbrush back then.

Mike: Really?

Me: Yes. And gel. In your medicine cabinet. You were so metro.

Mike: Are you sure all that wasn’t just…there…?

Me: Oh, for the ladies? You did like the curly haired ones. How considerate of you.

Mike: [snark]

Me: Actually, no. I remember one time you ran out and I was going to the store so we made a list and I bought you some more. It was Flexible Hold…..Suave. I knew then you were the one. So frugal.


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