What to do, what to do?

I have an anticipation hangover. So much good stuff yesterday that I don’t know which direction to go this morning. Mike indeed had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the Dylan show last night. I’m still jealous. He’ll have to tell my dad all about it. He declined to take my camera, so I unfortunately have no photos to share. If the opportunity presents itself again, I’m so going to find a way to go. He’s just legendary, and I love to think of my parents being young when Dylan was cranking these social commentaries out, watching and listening as he effectively changed (with many others of the time) the landscape of political civil unrest in this country for the good, for good. Gives me goosebumps. I love the phrase, may you live in interesting times (I think that’s it). I certainly do, but while my generation seems split between the hyper aware and willfully ignorant with regard to the current socio/political/economic environment, for those who are watching and listening to the world around us, there are simply too many minute and nuanced things about which to be unhappy and critical. Too many directions to turn.

A high school teacher of mine had us pegged from the get-go. “Americans are apathetic and ill-informed.” It’s so very true, for the most part. I still like to think that we’re finally starting to head back in the right (read: left) direction, but it’s definitely slow going. For example, this movie Bruno. Puke. Just ew. I hope mobs of gay/lesbian/trans/bi/more show up at theaters and point and laugh at the audience. SBC should donate his profits to charity on this one, advance equal rights monetarily to balance out the harm he tries so hard to inflict on the culture side. Even if he personally thinks that it’s a proper criticism, he surely cannot be so stupid as to think that most people will wander into the theater with the exact opposite attitude, ready and fired up for ninety minutes of gay bashing. Choke on the popcorn, please.

For instance this. The President is talking a good game, but frankly I can’t imagine this country ever taking a proactive stance for any African country. We’d need to have economic interest there; apparently human suffering doesn’t give us sufficient motivation unless there is a television camera present to sensationalize the situation. It’s sick-making, to borrow a turn of phrase that struck a chord with me recently. Sigh. I guess I’ll just go paint my kitchen and then maybe read about the history of vibrators. What can you do? Seriously. What?


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