GiST: Can I Get a Hell Yeah?

Good day here. My laptop arrived (I’m blogging on it! Sitting on a couple of leftover college sectional sofa pieces set up a la chaise!), and I managed to hook it up to the interweb all. by. myself. Not a small thing, this plugging the right wires into the correct…ports? Anyhow, yay number one.

Yay number two. Got a big fat thumbs up on a big and could be bigger or maybe even biggest project with a customer. Without going into a bedtime story, this is probably one of the first ones – and definitely the only truly significant ones – that I have had on my own from start to finish. The only feather in my cap that wasn’t a hand me down. Not that I haven’t had help, especially from the technical side, but it’s going to be a home run!

Yay number three. I got a little raise, as I squeed in GiST below. Nothing huge, but it’s a gesture of goodwill on my boss’s part. A token to say my work’s not futile.

Yay number four. Mike is going to see Bob Dylan tonight. A generous fellow had an extra ticket, and Mike’s buddy was already going, so there you go. I’m rather jealous, but I love that he even wanted to go. When we met he didn’t really dig the classic rock so much. Called me a hippie and shit (what, is that an insult?). Now he loves it, Grateful Dead and all. He will enjoy himself.

Yay number five. Tool tickets arrived! My sister is the best sister. I owe her money, and I did kind of choke on the face value of the ticket. I way overpaid, but at the time the tickets went on sale, I honestly didn’t see any other way to go than to just pay it. I don’t even want to imagine what I’d have ended up paying had I gone through Ticketmaster’s bullshit bidding war thing. Auctioning off tickets. Just sell them, assholes.

I must say I find it odd, having so many things go so well all at once. Life’s usually more of a balancing act between appreciating what is good and working on what’s not. Two and a half, three years ago I don’t think that you could have convinced me that it would all be worth it, staying at a job that was killing me softly, so convinced that it’d never get any better or that another opportunity would ever present itself. I felt like a moron for staying where I wasn’t happy, but now I must say that I’m glad I did. Hell yeah.


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