And now, the best part of Facebook

A friend posted a link: How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. Hilarious. So I show it to Mike.

He looks very concerned. “Is this true?”

I laugh at him for a good ninety seconds straight. “It’s a good thing you don’t like the internet.”


Grace in Small Things I Have Acquired Today

  • Asiago cheese bread. Huge loaf, but it won’t make it past the weekend, I’ll wager.
  • A $6 bottle of Funky Llama cabernet sauvignon. It’s only a 2008; it is stupid to let a $6 bottle of wine age?
  • Giant sunflowers

  • Euro lighter!

  • This tee shirt, also from Zurich:

I love this tee shirt more than is possibly appropriate. Even though it’s yellow, a color I normally don’t do. I can’t find any reference to this character anywhere. Googling that phrase of course gives you nothing but the tragedy that is Amy Winehouse. If it looks familiar to anyone, please let me know where you’ve seen it before!

What? I…meant to do that. Right.

So, this morning I throw on this long sleeved purple tunic type top that has belled sleeves. It’s always freezing at work with the air conditioning, so I throw a black three quarter sleeve cardigan over it. Mike looks up from his task, “Harry Potter?”

Apparently I am dressed like a Hogwarts student. That’s what it takes for me to wonder what the hell a muggle is. I need a wand. And a better British accent, STAT.

I’m sure that’ll just be GREAT.

I am not really a fan of the Family Guy. He’s pretty much a walking asshole, and his family members a bunch of enablers. Every once in a while Stewie will say something hilarious, and Bryan (Brian?)’s dry wit is nice, but generally I’d rather read blogs than rot my brain with that particular flavor of television.

This, however, I would totally watch. Sometimes it’s good to reinforce your hatred of certain hateworthy things. And perhaps I’d be surprised, though I’m properly skeptical.

Grace in Random Small Tasty Things

How cooking makes you a man.

CASA – taking a new case! Will find out more about it today, hopefully. Apparently I have some sort of rapport with teenagers. Whoda thunk it?

Cena – Oi, that was a good meal. And quite a deal. I’m at a loss as to how I could have lived in this town for nearly thirty years and not know that they do Restaurant Week twice a year. Really been missing out.

  1. Grenache.
  2. Churrasco.
  3. Bacon steak (that’s sirloin with bacon, but I like the way bacon steak sounds.)
  4. Chickpeas, in almost any form.
  5. Olives. And feta. And artichoke hearts. And Thai beef salad. And warm, caramelized pineapple. Swoon.