Things To Do

This will probably feel like the longest week ever, but there’s plenty to do to help pass the time while waiting on what’s sure to be the best weekend we’ve had or will have for a while. Countdown to party time is ON!

  • Read both birthday cake recipes, bake cakes!
  • Ask Mike to get Mumfords
  • Get tables & chairs from Mom & Dad’s house
  • Grocery store/market – grill goods, munchies, beverages
  • Party hats!
  • Make chip dips
  • Attend cluster meeting for CASA kid (good things happening there, by the way)
  • Go to Cleveland on Thursday for client meeting
  • “Clean” the house
  • Pull a few weeds, water the poor flowers
  • Figure out what to wear
  • Figure out what I’m forgetting to remember to do.

One thought on “Things To Do

  1. JB says:

    so wish i could come to the party. and dont you just love making lists…

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