Excerpt & GiST Part Numbers Mean Nothing

This is from No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy, so you have to hear it in Tommy Lee Jones’ most gravely West Texas accent:

Me and my wife has been married thirty-one years. No children, We lost a girl but I wont talk about that.
She’s a better person than me, which I will admit to anybody that cares to listen. Not that that’s sayin a whole lot. She’s a better person than anyone I know. Period.

People think they know what they want but they generally dont. Sometimes if they’re lucky they get it anyways. Me I was always lucky. My whole life. I wouldnt be here otherwise. Scrapes I been in. But the day I seen her come out of Kerr’s Mercantile and cross the street and she passed me and I tipped my hat to her and got just almost a smile back, that was the luckiest.

People complain about the bad things that happen to em that they dont deserve but they seldom mention the good. About what they done to deserve them things. I dont recall that I ever give the good Lord all that much cause to smile on me. But he did.

I regret that it’s been so quiet here lately. Not too sure what I even want to say about the above excerpt. It’s just been rolling around in my head for about a week now, so I wanted to put it out there. I suppose I agree. Heartily.

  1. Good food and good conversation and much laughter and libation with old and new friends.
  2. My husband the coffee fairy.
  3. Cute new shoes on the cheap.
  4. A breakthrough in my CASA case.
  5. Wanting what I already have.


5 thoughts on “Excerpt & GiST Part Numbers Mean Nothing

  1. hippee-lee says:

    Nice! NCFOM is one of my favorite movies, i'll have to dig it out and re-watch it.

  2. I'm reading the book now. For me it's easier to understand what is actually going on at any given point. I'm liking it so far, though I did like the movie a lot, too.

  3. suntzusays says:

    Pretty sure that line wasn't in the movie.

  4. Which line? The whole monologue? Could be, I honestly don't have as much a memory for movies as I do books.

  5. suntzusays says:

    Any of it. The movie is much, much darker. There's two monologues in the movie. One at the beginning, where he talks about the history of Texas lawmen and his family lineage in contrast to the crazy stuff going down (…Said he knew he was going to Hell. "Be there in about 15 minutes"…) and then the two dreams at the end. Maybe the dream was a tad brighter than the rest of the movie, but it doesn't have to be. And it's nothing like the book in that regard.

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