We all bleed with Kansas

RIP Dr. George Tiller.

I’m frankly not shocked that those organizations and individuals who were and probably still are deeply opposed to Dr. Tiller’s work would take the opportunity to reiterate that they would have liked to see him face charges, though they of course condemn his murder.

Like Julie, I also echo the sentiment of NNAF:

“[A]ll women should have the right to decide whether and when to become a mother. Every woman should have the right to shape her own life and the right to care for herself and her family with dignity.”

I had never heard of this organization before, but thanks to Julie, please check out Medical Students for Choice. They’ll be the ones to make doctors who refuse to prescribe birth control or even counsel on pregnancy termination options the minority. Women should not have to search far and wide for their constitutional right to choose what is best for them and their families and their futures.


2 thoughts on “We all bleed with Kansas

  1. Thanks for the tip! I’m definitely checking them out. I woke up today to the report on Dr. Tiller. Sad, sad, awful news. In church, no less. What, like they’re going to commit murder and walk straight to confession? The news shook me to my core, and I immediately thought of the memoir I just read. I can’t remember if it was the same doctor (I very much doubt it), but it still struck a nerve that’s still twinging. Rest in Peace, Dr. Tiller.

  2. I don’t think it’s even a confessing (in the Catholic sense) denomination/congregation…but I could be dead wrong. And he’d only confess if he felt contrition, which I highly doubt he does. Some asshole already wrote an article saying that Tiller “reaped what he sowed,” in that he was a murderer, so he was murdered, and that the prolife movement has no reason to abhor or condemn that. SICK.

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