11. Go to and participate in a real, live, in the streets, holding a picket sign protest sit-in type thing. For a valid cause.
12. Write and have published a letter to the editor or an oped piece or the like.
13. Teach a kid to read.
14. Actively campaign for a local or national candidate for office.
15. Design and have made a garment/outfit. In case sewing is a disaster.


What ever happened to that?

About three months ago I dared to start a Life List, a la Maggie of Mighty Girl fame (among dozens [upon dozens – I think a tagline update is in order!]). Yeah. So since then I haven’t touched it, and it’s sat at the veeeeerry bottom of the topic list on the sidebar. One post. Awesome.

So leave it to Maggie to provide the proper kick in the pants, by basically winning the blogging jackpot. Just goes to show that there’s no harm – but certainly the random possibility of good – in verbalizing your wildest dreams. I’m no or Secret believer, but what the hell? Dream big.

Apologies; until I get this set up on the sidebar, I’ll have to repeat myself. Starting the new ones with number six. I still can’t strikethrough in Blogger that I can see, so I’m going to bold the ones I’ve done. See? I may not have been writing the list, but I was working so diligently on it. Ha.

  1. Visit western Europe. First priority, Italy. Second, Germany. Take a lot of trains, see as many countries as possible. Have a glass of wine in the birthplace of my grandfather.
  2. Go to BlogHer.
  3. Plant vegetables (tomatoes are fruit!) in my yard.
  4. Become skilled at arranging flowers.
  5. Paint something I like and hang it on my wall.
  6. Invest in a good digital camera.
  7. Find (and repair if needed) the old manual camera from high school and relearn how to use it.
  8. Learn to sew. More than buttons, that is.
  9. Mow a lawn. Shut up! I have never done this. It’s my Everest.
  10. Have a hammock in the backyard.

I don’t want to burn out here. I’m going to go five at a time, but I need to try to do this once a week or it’ll never make 50 things. Or 100 things. I haven’t decided yet. I think I need to reread Maggie’s list for more inspiration.

35 Reasons

A while back Maggie at Mighty Girl did 40 reasons to love Bryan on his birthday. How can I not steal that idea?

In no particular order, 35 reasons (one for each year, old man) I love you, Mike. Happy Birthday!

  1. You’re so smart and you have high standards for many things in your life.
  2. You like to watch cartoons and have very strong opinions on which are the good ones.
  3. You make sure to call your mom at least once a week.
  4. You love my family and my friends.
  5. You make the best eggs and bacon and toast and you pour me too much orange juice.
  6. You do funny voices and sound effects. Your Tony the Tiger is spot-on. You just popped your head into the office and said “Hark, who goes there?”
  7. You cook (very well), and do dishes, and laundry, also very well. You get excited about having people over to eat and what we can make that will be yummy.
  8. You’re as comfortable chatting with a farmer client as you were with that pretty gay man next to us on the flight back from Vegas. You’re fascinated by opinions and lifestyles and viewpoints other than your own. You’re open-minded and yet cynical.
  9. How much you love football, and that you make an effort to help me grasp the fundamentals.
  10. You like things to be perpendicular or parallel to one another.
  11. You’re brave to have observed the world around you and then changed your opinions and attitudes about the political beliefs and world views that you grew up with.
  12. You’re quick to agree to disagree.
  13. You love the aspects of your job that help you help people, and you despise the aspects that you can’t control and are unfair to people.
  14. You will be a good dad.
  15. You love the dog too, even the rare times he’s naughty and infuriates you.
  16. You’re patient about most things.
  17. I think you saw me writing this but you didn’t say anything and you’ll probably forget you saw it by the time I post it.
  18. You make me laugh, and you think I’m funny too.
  19. You ask me if the clothes you’re going to wear match.
  20. You think too much. Sometimes way too much.
  21. You dig holes in the yard for me and transplant roses and let me convince you to try not using bad chemicals on the lawn even though you’d prefer the easy way.
  22. You’re a morning person. You work before you go to work and when you come home from work, and you relish efficiency.
  23. When I master the obvious and say, I know, I’m a GENIUS, you look at me very seriously and say, Yes, yes you are.
  24. You let me talk you into getting married in the church, and don’t even think about teasing or even noting that I’m now so over all that.
  25. You bring me eternal glasses of water and that time on Triangle you brought me cookies in bed.
  26. You let me lean on you and doze while we watch endless TV.
  27. You’ll either fix it or you know someone who will, and you kill spiders.
  28. You love to learn. You love history and being informed and watching PBS.
  29. When I’m angry you try to distract me.
  30. I can look at you and see the little boy you were. You love to swim, and you think farts are hilarious.
  31. I can see how funny our kids will be.
  32. You like to read.
  33. You learned to appreciate wine with me.
  34. You now eat tomatoes.
  35. You will never eat onions.
  36. Oops, one to grow on. This wasn’t a hard list to make. I started it months ago, but it didn’t even take an hour. You do things like this for no reason other than the pure unadulterated joy of amusing ourselves.

GiST Part No Time for Clever Nonsense Today

  1. A million things to do after work, all in the name of a good time.
  2. An excellent work road trip yesterday to the Cleve and back.
  3. A million things to to at work today to make the day pass quickly.
  4. Many RSVPs, making for an absurdly fun mix of people for tomorrow.
  5. Finding common ground with an acquaintance, making her a real friend rather than just a coworker.

I want to apply for an internship with these people

Putting a Financial Spin on Global Warming

I caught this story driving in to work this morning. To hear them explain it, it seems like a no-brainer. The reason people are resistant to doing what we know is right by the planet is that they are making too much money via the status quo. It needs to become an attractive investment, and ASAP.

GiST Part I hope I do this forever so I’m just going to quit numbering because really, what’s the point?

  1. An awesome sibs night out – minus one sibling-in-law who thankfully recovered quickly from a slight…spell, I guess. Raiding my sister’s closet.
  2. Chubby baby cheeks
  3. The hilarious story behind Mike’s new nickname, earned last night: Vera
  4. Impulsive determination that convinced me to buy the Tool tickets for August. And an awesome sister with a much faster internet connection than ours. The hysterical text messages exchanged during Ticketmaster’s absurd bidding process. Just sell me the freaking tickets, TICKETMASTER.