Father’s Day Giveaway!

I fall more and more in love with Schmutzie every time she posts. On her review blog, she’s seriously very excited to tell you about this 16X20 GALLERY WRAPPED CANVAS PRINT that she is giving away. How fun. We’re giving my parents a family photo session for their 30th anniversary; it would be so cool to have one on a wrapped canvas. Either that or the one of my dad and me from when I was about two years old. Must have been summer, because we’re eating popsicles, shirtless. I always had to do what Dad was doing. Dad loves popsicles.

I don’t usually get up too much hope for blog giveaways, but a couple of months ago I actually won this rather spiffy bamboo shower caddy simply by leaving a comment on a giveaway post over at Design Milk. I’ll let you know when I’ve scrubbed the shower sufficiently to show a picture of it in the actual shower. So there you go. Good things can come from reading and writing about feeeeelings on the internet. Plus, in this contest you can get TWO chances to win. One by leaving a comment, another by posting about the giveaway on your own blog and linking back to the giveaway post. I would say the chances are good, so go take a look.


7 thoughts on “Father’s Day Giveaway!

  1. I hope you win! That would be so cool if you could do that for your dad (and maybe mom)!

  2. suntzusays says:

    One has to have feelings first in order to write about them. If that was an implication or an indictment of some sort. It’s probably more fun and certainly more people pay attention than they do with rigorous and relentless rational rumination. Certainly when there’s a possibility of winning random things by doing so.

  3. I’m not 100% sure I get your drift on the implication/indictment thing. The Writing About My Feeeeelings On The Internet thing is kind of a mommyblogger’s taking-it-back thing, for when people bitch and moan and denigrate for ….yeah, talking bout feelings on the internet, basically. I think the first place I saw it was at Uppercase Woman, by Cecily Kellogg. I think she’s still on the blogroll. Which I never edited. Sigh. But don’t try to tell me you really and truly have NO feelings at all…about anything?! Please. Your mind may be fine tuned to deal with them quickly and quietly and differently compared to most, so you can then go back to rumination on more rational matters…but they’re there. I assume that, for you, it would not be more fun to write about them. Because you’re so good at the logical writing! It would take me many hours of research to write something on your level, assuming it wasn’t about, say….shoes. Though that would surely get a good conversation going!

  4. suntzusays says:

    More people would read a blog about shoes than one about Sotomayor’s judicial philosophy (something that apparently nobody cares about even among political commentators). Definitely.

  5. Reality is sad like that. People really don’t like to tax themselves mentally too often. I haven’t gotten to it yet myself. Been a slow Sunday of recovery.

  6. suntzusays says:

    That assumes that your particular example blog about shoes would not involve some heavy lifting somewhere. Fashion certainly requires a knowledge of aesthetics to describe in a meaningful way. Although it can be done in the most banal and basic methods and it can even be done without any knowledge or factual information at all. Politics or economics is no different in that respect. The Rush Limbaugh’s of the world are proof of that.

  7. Very true. I’d like to think that I could do a tad better than the Go Fug Yourself girls, but they definitely specify the celebrity factor more than the design or industry factors. That kind of research would be fun for me, though. More so than the political or economic research. In either case without doing real research I’d have nothing more than an opinion piece equatable to a Limpbaugh’s or clone’s: about as informed, but hopefully much less assholeish.

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