Memorial Day

Things sprang to life last week while we were on vacation. I am loving it! Perennials are the shit, I say. I’m still really nervous about whether the flower seeds will do much, but even if they don’t I have some interesting things to watch.

Up front, the purple geraniums seem to be done with their first flush of flowers, but the light pink and the bright pink are coming on strong.

Some other unknown pink volunteer. Stunning color.

Irises still coming on.

Buds on the daylilies
Dexter surveying the backyard.
Tomato flower!

The first sundrop flower!
The Siberian iris I put in last year that never bloomed is fricking spectacular this year. Budded and opened last week; the flowers are huge.
Looks like the very last lilac bloom on the Julianae – sob. No matter, plenty of other things to follow.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. So is your comment and your identity, Anonymous.

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