Prior to a Leave of Absence

First! Thanks to Amelia: you were absolutely correct – I was on the HTML tab rather than the Compose one! Bravo. In celebration of the returned bullets and numerals, I’ll make a proper list:

  • My trip to NJ/NYC was effing fantastic. The work part was great and didn’t feel at all like work thanks to the well-traveled coworker and our brilliant boothmates. A Brit, a German, a Southerner, plus a few Italians. Delicious accent salad, all day long. Plus the European double cheek kisses upon parting ways. Yummy.
  • Seeing NYC was wonderful. We only got as far as a little past Times Square (toward Central Park), but it was just awesome. I could totally live there a year or two, just for fun. If I could afford it, that is. We took the trains into the city, ate a light supper at Rosie O’Grady’s, bought some T-shirts and souvenirs, decided against trucking all the way down to Central Park (it was dark at that point), and made our way back to Penn Station. Short but so sweet. The best part might have been a panicked woman asking us which way 9th
    Avenue was – and knowing the answer. Passing for a local, huzzah!
  • We also had a great Thai meal the night before. We somehow booked a hotel in Little Asia that night. I hesitate to call it Chinatown or whatever because it seemed to be more Japanese, Thai, Malaysian. Every store and business had signage in both English and the Asian language characters. The hotel front desk dude recommended we try the place right next door; it was right on the money. Heaven sometimes is a pot of hot tea and seafood in a sauce you’ve never tried before. Yummy squared.
  • CASA training has concluded. I’m missing the big swearing-in next week, so one other woman and I are getting a special swearing-in on the 27th. I’m hoping Mike and my parents will be able to make it. After the official part we get a tour of the whole Juvenile Justice Complex. I want my parents to see what I managed to avoid as a rowdy adolescent. Heehee. Funny because it’s true. But after that, it’s really just a matter of time before I get my first case. Gulp.
  • Hidden here in the middle, a note that the pseudo-controversial post is going back up this afternoon/evening. I’m not changing the original posting date, though, so if you do have a morbid fascination for dirty laundry, you can scroll down and probably find it, but it won’t appear at the top of the main page here, and I won’t link directly to it from here…though I kind of want to. I may or may not edit it much. Slept on it longer than I intended to, but I still think my final point outweighs the potential embarrassment factor. I am who I am, not who I was. Take it or leave it. Everyone passes judgement on somebody at some point in their life. Progress is made when people realize how pointless that usually is. As was said once over at Sweet Juniper:

    That feeling you get when someone teases you is called insecurity, and it is directly caused by the insecurity of the one trying to hurt you. Like water, insecurity seeks itself to find the quickest path downhill. You can try to dam it up or divert it but it is part of life. Just try not to drown in it, or drown any others.

  • We’re taking of for OBX early tomorrow morning. I’m so ready for a vacation…mentally if not actually prepared packing-wise. Quick stop at Old Navy on the way home tonight to grab some flipflops and maybe a bikini, then no worries for a week! I’m not even going to stress over packing. Half the fun of vacation (okay, not quite half) is seeing the Walmart in a different city. I keep saying that, but I always overpack and would like to avoid it this time around. I always feel like everything needs to be washed upon arriving home, whether it was worn or not. So wasteful.
  • Midway through the week our friends and their two kids are going to stay for a night on their way to a family reunion in KY. Very excited for this. Their daughter that was born my sophomore year of college just turned nine. She’s taller than me (not saying much, but still!) and probably can’t wear my shoes anymore. I got her Lois Lowry’s “The Giver” and her almost-four year old brother “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.” Yes, I’m the geeky “aunt” that always buys kids books for presents. Whatever. Reading is fundamental. Unfortunately, it looks like Amazon is going to screw up all the timing and I might have to stop at a bookstore and pick up copies, as our shipment might not come until next week. But I can never give away too many books to kids, so the extras will come in handy nonetheless.
  • The beach house has no internet access as far as we know. So I’ll be taking another blogging break. I cannot seem to keep myself away from Facebook and Twitter via my phone, though. I kind of doubt this will be as fast-paced exciting as the NY trip was, but we shall see. Undoubtedly there will be some quotes I will need to share. My dad and my brother are both really good at impromptu pearls of wisdom.
  • NERTS! Aw yeah, here we go. We got our regular shipment of wine from the club. Two reds, two whites. Plus a couple of bottles of pinot noir as a bonus to make up for some tax thing they were forced to impose by state laws – either CA or OH, don’t really know. We may not have to resort to boxed wine after all, though I’ve heard that some of it is actually really good. Plus Mike somehow has a bottle of Everclear in the freezer, so we may revisit my hazy college memories of Hairy Buffalo as well. My mom is hilarious when she drinks a little. This is going to be great.
  • There are currently 781 unread items in my Google Reader, so if you’ve written something brilliant lately I probably haven’t gotten to it yet. I really need a laptop, but it will also be good for me to take an Internet-free week. However, the number of unread items is going to be impossible to manage by the time I get back. I keep finding new blogs to read, either by recommendation (thanks, suntzu) or by dumb luck yet I never manage to weed out the old ones I tend to “mark all as read” after just scanning for highlights. Sigh.

I wish you all a lovely weekend and an easy week. As always, I’ll miss this and you while I’m gone. I’ll remember to use my real camera this trip, too. The phone works pretty well, but it’s just not quite the same. Seashells at the seashore, here I come.


2 thoughts on “Prior to a Leave of Absence

  1. Matthew says:

    I hope your OBX is as much fun as ours was. I’ll post some pictures and thoughts as soon as I get caught up.

  2. Thanks! It’s been a blast so far, and we have only really been ‘to the beach once so far. Good times, and it’s getting sunnier and warmer every day!

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