I have way too much going on the next few days. Rather than jump in willy-nilly (always liked that descriptor), I’d better make a list.

1. NYSCC work stuff – samples, flyers, cards, trifolds, itinerary, hotel and flight confirmation numbers….what else?
2. NYSCC fun stuff – pack: suit, new shoes, emergency extra shoes, street clothes for checking out NYC. New shoes require a pedicure. Budget requires I find time to do this myself. Ditto for manicure, eyebrow maintenance. Sometimes girly is a drag. That’s probably why I don’t bother too often!
3. Write CASA mock-report. I have no idea when I’m going to fit that in. Terrible form to ask for an extension on the very first real assignment? Yikes.
4. Still haven’t planted flower seeds or gone to buy tomato and pepper plants. I’m running out of time both in theory and in practice.
5. Maybe stop making lists that really serve to only agitate and stress rather than organize my chaos.
6. Figure out what the hell happened to the numerical and bullet point formatting buttons in Blogger. No capisco.


6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. wp says:

    Nice List!I have been keeping them on and off for the last year. I use one of the category labels to differentiate like AtHome, AtWork, The 2009 one have been my new years resolutions, but I think I kept those private. I’ll let you know how I do on my list after next week.

  2. Thanks – I already feel like I forgot a dozen things! Hope your trip is great – I wish ours overlapped, too. We’ll plan better for the next one.

  3. suntzusays says:

    To pile onto your blog backlogs, I haven’t seen this one on your copious list of feminist/post-feminist declarations:http://www.slate.com/blogs/blogs/xxfactor/default.aspxThey're apparently launching a magazine around it. It sort of dovetails into the typical random fare that I get from places like freakonomics and Sully in that it tends to be educated bits and pieces of daily drivel from the look of things.

  4. Excellent – thanks! I’m always up for more drivel.

  5. I left another comment on my own after you made a comment there…but then I thought, she may not go back and read that. So here is a link to that entry again, where you can read my comment back to you! PS – thanks for the nomination on 5SF.http://awspoonme.blogspot.com/2009/05/three-books-i-cant-wait-to-start.html

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